Last minute Jack Halloween cookies

In a pure monster dash, I frosted these cookies for my daughter’s Kindergarten Halloween party on the cusp of All Hallow’s Eve.

Needless to say, this morning was a bit rushed as we scurried – with my visiting parents’ help – to photograph and package the Jack O’Lantern’s  and their candy corn treats before the morning bell rang at school.

A pumpkin and three candy corns made their way into thirty favor bags for Linnea and her classmates.  Whew.  We made it.

And now I’m posting them, before they become completely irrelevant on the march toward turkeys and sweet potato casseroles.

Here’s to a howlingly happy Halloween, full of all the sugar you and the trick-or-treaters can tolerate.


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7 responses to “Last minute Jack Halloween cookies

  1. They look fantastic! I cant believe you did all that last minute, I bet your daughter’s class loved them. Happy Halloween.

    • Thanks so much, Kara. They weren’t so much last minute. I fully planned on doing them, I’m just a pesky procrastinator by nature, so everything always happens in a rush for me. Sigh. Hopefully, you’re more organized! (: Kristina

  2. LIsa G

    They look so yummy!!!!!

  3. Laura

    I absolutely love the Halloween cookies! Your children’s classmates sure are lucky! Hope you had a great Halloween.

  4. P

    It might have been a bit of a hectic rush but I’m sure your daughter and her classmates were delighted to have these cookies. What a lovely treat and a great Mom!

  5. These are SO COOL! I love that you added the cut-out line at the top!!!!!!

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