Owlicious cookies

As I pondered the current “owl craze” I see all over Pinterest craft boards (including my own), fabric patterns and baby blankets, I tried to think back to my childhood memories of owls.  I certainly didn’t know as much about them as my four-year old son, Ty, who just learned about owls at his preschool.  He can tell me they’re nocturnal and what they eat.  Maybe more.  Ty also has some sweet little owl crafts that have made their way with minimal crumple-age to our home.

In my recollection, owls were always the smart ones of the animal kingdom.

The wise old bird that made appearances in Winnie the Pooh, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (the Land of Make Believe) and Tootsie Pop T.V. ads, enlisted to determine how many licks it takes to get to the chewy middle….  They always appeared in their natural state, all brown and feathers, and ready to take down a mouse without warning.

Fortunately, the years have added a little whimsy and allowed for the owl to loosen up a bit, which is always a good thing, especially for the hobbyist cookie decorator.

If truth be told, I was waiting for an excuse to hop on the owl-fully cute bandwagon.  Ty’s exuberance for his preschool class, his teacher and the subject, was just the catalyst I needed.

So after a too many hours at the kitchen table last night, we emerged at preschool today with owls for all, smiles all around,  and the dangerous confirmation that I too, might be nocturnal.


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10 responses to “Owlicious cookies

  1. These are the cuttest! I loved the colours you’ve used, is it a tulip cookie cutter? Ty looks so super pleased with his cookie.

  2. The owls are super cute my dear, however I think our Ty-Ty is cuter!!! 😉

  3. Us

    What Fun! Can hardly wait to see Ty’s owl and all the spooky things in your neck of the woods!

  4. I love these! I wasn’t really into owls at first, but they definitely grew on me.

  5. Laura

    Another successful cookie! Love the owls! And, what lucky little pre-schoolers to get such a wonderful treat in school that day! Ty must have been so proud.

  6. I feel privileged to say that not only are they beautiful, but now that I took mine from my kid for not eating their lunch and ate it myself, they are delicious too!

  7. These are so cute! And look how proud your little guy is! That’s the best!

  8. Kelsie :)

    I just love his cute self 🙂 so handsome!!!! And yum to the owl cookies!!! Super cute colors!

  9. Such cute looking cookies!! I’m on Pinterest, also…I pin just as much (or more!) as I bake. What an adorable little one.. and so proud of those owl cookies!

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