Sub(lime) September wedding cookies

To our dear Kelsie, I am known as the “lady she baby sat for.”

To me, Kelsie is the person who saved our hides so that I could work to pay the mortgage on a house that wouldn’t sell, a confidante – and most importantly – the playful, but respected awesomeness that took care of my kids six plus hours a week for almost four years.

Before I met Kelsie, she fell in love with her high school sweetheart, James.  They were destined for each other, difficult military deployments and all.

This past Labor Day weekend, Kelsie and James were married and my kids got the honored opportunity to serve as the ring bearer and flower girls in their wedding.

I loved every minute of it.  The kids – at times – were a little trepidatious.

I laughed, I hugged Kelsie one last time before her big move across the country and I cried all the way home (and a little at the reception).  It’s hard sometimes to remember that this stuff isn’t about me….

Before Kelsie’s big day, she asked me to make the cookie favors for her wedding shower, which was held in late July.  Of course, I couldn’t wait to make wedding cookies.  The scroll and the lace and the pure romance of it all were motivation enough for me to get to work on 150 decorated cookies in my little home kitchen.

I started with lime green, Kelsie’s favorite color, and a fixture in both the shower and wedding themes.

I also tried to mimic Kelsie’s dress, in frosting form and edible glitter (sorry for quality of the cookie picture here, it was late and a fancy flash is still on my wish list).

Finally, we set the tone with contemporary double hearts.

In case you’re wondering – in this scenario – “j/k” doesn’t stand for “just kidding.”  But I really wish I’d started with the K.  Because you all probably get by now that Kelsie is first in my book.

Love ya, my dear, and your sweet hubbie too.  Take care in life’s adventures!


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9 responses to “Sub(lime) September wedding cookies

  1. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, gorgeous cookies, adorable kids, perfect setting and I love that everyone wore flip flops!

  2. Us

    Once again, what a special person you are to all your friends! A perfect post to your “OUR Kelsie”

  3. This is such a sweet post. Not only that, but your cookies are sweet and fun just like the wedding seemed to be.

  4. Beautiful wedding cookies! The only thing better than making pretty cookies….making them for someone you love!

  5. Kelsie :)

    Thank you k for these amazing cookies 🙂 also big thank you for allowing the kids to be awesome flower girls and a handsome ring bear 🙂 the cookies went like hot cakes at the shower and everyone wanted to know what bakery I ordered then from!! The lady I nanny for made them!! Not only did people love the cookie decor but they loved the flavor!! Still soft and delicious!! Xoxoxo love and miss you!!

  6. Amazing cookies! They are beautiful. My favorite are the hearts! I just love them!

    PS- the kids, bride, and wedding look beautiful, too:)

    Jessie B. @ Possible Baker

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