Magic abounds! Fairy cake and gnome and toadstool cookies

For the past two summers, a dear friend, Stacey, delights her four children and all of us lucky enough to know her, with a fairy and gnome party in a historic neighborhood park.

The party is a nod to a part of Stacey’s childhood spent in England and the magic that gleans brightest in old worlds and fairy tales.

Stacey's kids - discovering the first fairy clue!

Linnea - delighting in fairydom!

It is also a celebration of family, big and small, beautifully illustrated at the event when little families gather with others to create a giggling, excited crowd that trots along a secret path marked with glitter.

For just a moment, fairies give us a glimpse of their magic as they lead us to the threshold of their forest home.

For our respectful wonderment and quiet whispers, we are rewarded with a special treat, this year in the form of gnome and toadstool cookies.

The party also marks the number of years Stacey’s family has been together.  Last year, that number was five.  Five years since her oldest son and only daughter were born.

For that party, I made a cake that has truly become a part of me, but really is a part of Stacey’s family – or a close depiction of them – in pudgy gnome and fairy form:

This year, it was a strictly cookie affair.  As I lined these little gnomes up for pictures, I couldn’t help but imagine a tiny forest hospital ward, full of little gnome babies, already outfitted and ready for the magic and hi-jinks of childhood.


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8 responses to “Magic abounds! Fairy cake and gnome and toadstool cookies

  1. Us

    Just so sweet… What a wonderful friend you are creating your own kind of magic!

  2. Jeanette

    You. Are. Killing. Me.

    Baby gnomes!!! in front of their house!!! with mama and daddy gnome!! There is some serious squeeing all up in here.

    Amazing work, per usual. Love these so much.

  3. This post is just too magical and wonderful to add anything else.

  4. Those cookies are so adorable! And that cake is just too stinkin’ cute!

  5. There’s little magic in it without you, my love. Thank you. (I thought the exact same thing about the gnome babies lined up in a hospital nursery!)

  6. Oooooohh! Can I come?!? Please! That looks like the sweetest possible day I could imagine! And glitter!!! Lucky little munchkins!

  7. Jen B.

    Who are you and what have you done with my friend? While gathering up a little birthday giftie for you (forgive me if it takes me another week, scratch that, month to mail it), I publicized your blog to the ladies at the Cherry Creek Anthro. Book deal to follow, I am sure. Oh, and the cookies and cake are UNREAL.

  8. Those cookies are so cute!

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