The Mouse rules – Mickey cookies

Early in the morning one day in June, one little family clamored into a slightly dented minivan to begin the long 30 hour journey to DISNEYLAND, USA!!!

After an overnight stay in southern Oregon, we pushed on to San Francisco, California, to meet up with Chris’ brothers’ family and to continue our too-exciting-for-words, sojourn to Mouseland.

My uber-efficient sister-in-law, Annie, planned every detail of the trip, from the rental five minutes from Disney’s parking garage in Anaheim, to the appropriate time to ride Dumbo (as early as possible), to setting an itinerary for picking up Fast Passes for those crowd inducing rides.  Annie read no less than eleven tour books to prepare for the trip and it showed.  To enjoy the family vacation of a lifetime, all I had to do was be the lazy sister- in-law.

To thank Annie and her boys (three plus Uncle Jeff) for all they did to make our trip as magical as Disney promises, I picked up this cute Mickey cutter on the sly at one of the shops on Disney’s Main Street.

When we got home, I used royal icing to douse the mouse in Mickey’s recognizable garb and sent the cookies to their destination in a big ‘ol box of popcorn.  Two treats for the price of one!


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7 responses to “The Mouse rules – Mickey cookies

  1. Us

    Yet, once again, too cute!

  2. Jeanette

    Um. Okay. I love these SO MUCH OMYGOD!!!!! (etc. etc.) I might need some to match my Mickey measuring spoons. What?

  3. Ahhh…nothing could be sweeter and more perfect than those babies, even your wonderful cookies. xxx ooo

  4. Vanilla Bean Baker

    Glad that the vacation was one to remember (in a great way). Your sister-in-law is awesome to have done all that planning and organizing and I’m sure she will squeal with delight when her cookies and popcorn arrive.

  5. Hope you had a great time at Disney!! Took my youngest for the first time a few days ago and picked up that very same cutter!
    Looks like your munchkins had a great time?
    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

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