Lawn ornament cookies (flamingos and palm trees)

It all started with lawn ornaments, this whirlwind summer that involved road trips galore and too many  people to thank.  Way back in May, when the weather in my town was still too cool to actually consider “spring,” I ventured out with my cousins to Portland, OR for a girls’ trip.

In this case, the more appropriate descriptor for the trip was mega shopping at stores that usually exist only in my past life, when I was a big city girl.  After rounds and rounds of window and actual shopping at outdoor malls in a climate that actually supports such endeavors, we crashed at the home of my cousin-in-law’s mom.  She was gracious and wonderful and she fancies flamingos (but not on her lawn, just in her tropical dreams).

Two months earlier, in March, I indulged in my first girls’ trip of the year, this time to rendezvous with old friends in San Diego, CA.  One friend, a transplant to the city, played hostess and did all the glamorous stuff for us, like airport pick up and spa booking at a discount.

I got to meet her three beautiful daughters and bask in the sun and warmth that makes it possible for flamingos to linger at Sea World in a somewhat “natural” state, without the bother of heat lamps or indoor viewing galleries.

So when it came (way past) time to thank these lovely women for their generosity, I thought of flamingos.  Pink and fun and summer on a “stick,” alone on the brown lawn, bravely facing gale force winds of the Inland Northwest with a wink.


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4 responses to “Lawn ornament cookies (flamingos and palm trees)

  1. How nice to have been able to re-connect with old friends and to make new ones. A wonderful season for sure and your thank-you cookies are beautiful and are sure to touch the heart of your recipients.

  2. These cookies are adorable! So fun for summer 🙂

  3. Love the flamingoes!!! So great to be back from vacation, I’ve missed all my bloggy friends!

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