The chicken and the blue bell – Frosting for the Cause post

I stumbled upon Frosting for the Cause, administered by the thoughtful and talented Paula, also known as The Vanilla Bean Baker, a few months ago.   Because many people close to me have experienced cancer, I felt I had something to say and more importantly, something to bake.

This one’s for my Mom.  Please check out my chicken cookies frolicking among the blue bells today at this cancer fighting blog.

And cheers a second time!  It’s good to be back home after racking up the miles on the mini van this summer.  More to come….  For reals.  I promise.


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5 responses to “The chicken and the blue bell – Frosting for the Cause post

  1. Amy S

    SO glad to have you home & back in cookie-making proximity!

  2. Love, love, love…those blue bells are pure artistry.

  3. Laura

    Those are the fanciest chickens I’ve ever see! And, the bluebells are beautiful! It’s good to see your postings again.

  4. Hi Kristina ~ thank you so much for your beautiful contribution to Frosting for the Cause. I’m so happy that you shared your Mom’s story with us but even more so because you were able to be in her kitchen baking with her and her wonderful cutters as you prepared your post. Praying for your Father.
    With much gratitude ~ Paula

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