Starry night cookie pops

Oh my goodness gracie-ola, a girls’ trip and visits to and from family over the last few weeks, have kept me from baking and the fabulous world of baking bloggers!  I hope you all are well!  I’ve missed you and I can’t wait to catch up!

These “starry night” cookies were made for a school fundraising gala, to accompany a bid for star themed items.  They were meant to make the winning family feel like, well, stars.

While these cookies may have landed a bit shy of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, somebody felt special.  Surprise, surprise, I think it was me.  The cookie addict.

Nothing like a little edible shimmer to brighten your day.

Why settle for one pop when you could have a zillion (or so)?


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8 responses to “Starry night cookie pops

  1. Lucky winners, I’m sure they were delighted.

  2. Dad and Mom

    Too cute!

  3. What a great cookie to make for a fundraiser. The winners will certainly enjoy.

  4. Kristina — great to have you back! Have definitely missed you and these cookies pops are gorgeous! Beautiful job with these….hope your summer is off to a great start! xo

  5. These are almost too cute to eat! Also: I really need to get on this cookie pop trend. Glad you’re back! 🙂

  6. Welcome back! Hope your trip was lovely!
    Love, love the stars, great colors!

  7. ThEy DiD!! They were a darling centerpiece. They were PeRfEcT and I thank you again for sharing your talents with St. Aloysuis 1st graders!! Hope summer is going well. Was hoping to see more basketball cookies at hoopfest??! 🙂 As always… Darling!

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