Baby “C” and rhinoceros cookies

I recently had another opportunity to “bake cute.”  A couple of Sunday’s ago, I attended another spring baby shower – for another baby boy – name to be disclosed upon delivery.

His mom allowed me his first initial – C – so that I could practice monogram cookies.  I was eager to follow Bridget at Bake at 350’s instructions from a guest post on Sweetopia.  I was also excited about adding chocolate to decorated cookies.

I started by reviewing fonts on Microsoft Word and decided on a capital C that I liked.  Then, I printed a page full of C’s in 140 point font to create a template.  I piped 2 ounces of semi sweet chocolate (melted in a microwave) with a#1 tip on wax paper placed over the template on a cookie sheet.  Then I placed the cookie sheet in the freezer until I was ready to use the chocolate Cs.  After the Cs were firm, I cut the wax paper into strips, leaving approximately 4 Cs per strip, for workability while placing the monograms, and to ensure that the C’s waiting for placement on a cookie didn’t melt.

For these cookies, I  (very carefully) pulled the chocolate Cs from the wax paper and gently “dropped” them on the square cookies after piping and flooding a white square in the center.  After the drop, I used a toothpick to nudge the monogram  into place and to press it into the frosting.

Later, I added the bubble border.  And I ate the extras.  The chocolate addition was awesome, as expected.  Because chocolate makes all things better, right?

Oh, and I made some rhinos and bright green leaves.  I was worried that the rhinos were hungry.

I’m also happy to announce that the guest of honor arrived last Friday.  I think little Cannon would be pleased with his Cs (and friends).


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13 responses to “Baby “C” and rhinoceros cookies

  1. Oh, wow! Those look so beautiful and adorable and your Cs are perfect 🙂 Cannon is quite an unusual name, but I quite like it. Oh man, now I want to east cookies…

  2. These look great! I love your colors and that monogram is perfect!

  3. The monogram is very elegant, but I really, really love the simplicity of the leaf. Your cookies inspire me…to eat.

  4. Amy S

    Beautiful cookies!

  5. Vanilla Bean Baker

    Welcome to little Cannon. Everyone must have loved these cookies! Great job on the monogramming and your finishing border around the *C’s* is very cute.

  6. Dad and Mom

    You clever, clever girl!

  7. These are beautiful! I love the detail on the rhinos & leaves especially. They’re inspiring me to try cookie decorating. Did you use Bridget’s sugar cookie recipe too?

  8. Beautiful! I love all the color on the rhinos!!! If you liked working with the chocolate, check out the book ‘The Whimsical Bakehouse.”
    It’s from a bakery in New York that specializes in cakes and cupcakes decorated in chocolate decorations!!! That book got me started me on this path 7 years ago!

  9. Laura

    Love that you added chocolate to the beautiful “C”. But, I mostly love those green leaves! They are just perfect. Classy, simple, yet elegant.

  10. Possible baker

    So cute! I love the bubble border!

  11. Kelsie

    I did not get to taste one of these!!!!! super cute! love the green (:

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