It’s raining pachyderms baby shower cookies

I made these elephant-themed cookies as favors for a baby shower I attended a few weeks ago.  It was a moms only affair, held at a light and airy restaurant for brunch.  The ambiance, good wishes and french toast were delightful!

For the cookie colors, I worked from the colors in the ribbon used to tie the cookie packages.  Whenever I do “sets” of cookies, I like to do a big, medium and little cookie, sort of like the three bears.  Except I turn into a monster Goldilocks, gobbling them all up.

This set included a big onesie (details inspired by Peggy Porschen’s book, Pretty Party Cakes), an animated elephant face and a little elephant “accent” cookie.

Fun, as always, to put together.  I can’t wait for the next baby shower, so that I’ll have another excuse to make cute cookies.  We’re bordering on obsession here, right?!?


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7 responses to “It’s raining pachyderms baby shower cookies

  1. Vanilla Bean Baker

    I love your elephant cookies! So cute and all your colour choices are great as are all your *dot* works. I really like the *faceless* yellow elephant and your onesies piping is wonderful too.

  2. I love these cookies so much! The colors are perfect, your dots are wonderful and those onesies are too precious!

  3. Amy S

    Makes me want to have a baby just to get these cookies.

  4. only one word comes to mind: ADORABLE! 😀

  5. I love your cookies! The onsies are adorable!!

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