Songbird cookies

I needed to do this, before the excitement over discovered treasures at the Easter egg hunt faded and before the wooden songbird ornament was packed away for another year.

I needed to capture the moment in cookie.  The timid buds of spring are finally here and we felt it through puffy coats shed away later in the day and the cool shell of an egg recovered from the grass.  The birds are out, returned to us.  And we’re paying attention.

These cookies were an attempt to capture the sun-on-your-back feeling that Easter brings, along with rebirth and growth ahead.  We enjoyed a few beautiful sunny days this Easter weekend and I scrambled to capture it in a songbird ring before the moment of reflection passed.

The cookies were inspired by felted egg nests at my kids’ preschool and our Easter tree decorations and piped into reality with techniques from some very clever gals in the cookie world.

For the songbird,  I started with a round cutter and made an inner circle  imprint on the pre-baked cutouts with a glass.  Sweetopia taught me this, along with her instructions for piping royal icing decorations on greased parchment paper.  Both techniques worked like a charm.

I used Sugar Belle’s tips for creating some dimension in the birdies’ wings, as illustrated here.  It’s so fun to try new things, especially with all this help!  For the final touch, I painted the same yellow icing from the ring on the bird’s wing with a decorating paintbrush.

All in all, good spring fun.  (:


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14 responses to “Songbird cookies

  1. What an absolutely adorable set of cookies for Easter. Just lovely!

  2. I think that eating your cookies and cupcakes might be worth moving closer. You are one yummy cousin!

  3. Jeanette

    Okay, these are far and away my favorite of your efforts to date. So, so pretty and whimsical and charming and probably delicious as well. IF I could actually bring myself to eat them. Which is doubtful. I am in awe.

  4. crustabakes

    omg, these are beautiful. i can definitely feel the sun on my back looking at these cookies!

  5. Dad and Mom

    These sweet cookies just say “Happy Spring”……

  6. Vanilla Bean Baker

    Love these adorable cookies!

  7. These are so beautiful! I love that your cookies coordinated with the decor as well! The entire set up is so pretty!

  8. Amy S

    I love those happy little birds.

  9. These are so cute! I love the inspiration behind it.

  10. these are absolutely cute!

  11. They look JUST like the ornament!! yay!! So cute

  12. These are *just* adorable! I LOVE the little birdies…and the nests!

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