Raspberry and chocolate swirl mini cupcakes

These sweet munchkins were made for my dear friend, Elise, who celebrated a birthday with red wine last week.  For her birthday, Elise requested chocolate cake and a “little bit of raspberry.”  She, like many people, are particular about their fruity desserts, so I tried to accommodate with a little cake of joy that was not too overwhelmed by anything.  Sort of like Elise.

Hey girl, youre lookin good!

I’m really becoming attached to mini cupcakes – for all celebrations – kids and adults alike.   For kids, the size cuts down on the mess and waste (when they inevitably leave big chunks of cake behind in favor of present opening or wrestling, or whatever else kids do that keeps them from appreciating my desserts).

For adults, cupcakes work because they are the cookies of the cake world.  It’s easier to eat three – or eight – little mini’s because they don’t require the commitment that a piece of four layer cake requires, or even the top heavy yummy-ness of a standard size cupcake.  In my experience, people will take one regular cupcake and a while family of minis.  Ultimately, I want people to eat my treats, and the mini cupcake appears to serve as the gateway drug (of sorts).

Honey, I was made for you!

These babies started out as tiny chocolate cakes, filled with an almost too sweet raspberry meringue butter cream frosting and topped with a swirl of chocolate ganache and raspberry frosting.  Fortunately, the Dutch processed cocoa in the cake and the semi sweet chocolate ganache tempered the sweetness of the frosting.  I added the fresh raspberry because they’re pretty and a perfect balance to the chocolate and meringue decadence.   The berry buttercream and ganache recipes are here and here.

Pink from jam alone!

Adding a little corn syrup shine!

This was one of my first experiences with chocolate ganache and I’m positively in love.  Waiting for ganache was certainly worth the wait.  I could eat the stuff like pudding!  But I must say, it looks better on a mini cocoa pedestal.


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9 responses to “Raspberry and chocolate swirl mini cupcakes

  1. These are the prettiest yet. I am so impressed and your description is positively tantalizing! D..E..L..I..C..I..O..U..S!

  2. Dad and Mom

    Perfection, all the way dowm to the down to the cupcake liner. Simple elegance… We’re impressed with your photo shots as well!

  3. eliseraimi

    OK I love the picture with 1 cupcake and some raspberries off to the side. And how how how did I get so lucky as to be the recipient of this awesomeness?! Thank you for making my birthday even sweeter! xoxoxo

  4. Amy S

    I can hardly wait for MY birthday! 😉

  5. delish and beautiful all at the same time! I am also a huge fan of raspberries and chocolate and anything mini…so these might be on my baking list sometime soon:)

  6. Nina

    Wow. Decadence at it’s best! Stunning and these would be great for VD, too!

  7. Vanilla Bean Baker

    Love how your raspberries stand so tall on top of the frosting. Very pretty!

  8. Kelsie

    Loved these!!!!!! please let me forever be your sampler!!! your so amazing K!!!

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