Doodle cookies

This was a dessert-on-demand loaded week.  So while making some birthday cookies that nobody really expected – the discover in the break room and smile type cookies – I decided to let things go a bit.  Usually, I have a plan for decorated cookies.  A color scheme and a theme I intend to execute with some recognizable precision.  These (admittedly self set) expectations can tamp down creative exploration a bit.

Right before mixing the dough, I went down to the great cookie cutter bin stored in the basement and randomly picked shapes that said “fun.”  Or at least said, “forget about the diet today.”  Then I limited the palette to three colors, made with just a couple drops of Ateco food coloring.  I forced myself not to tinker with the color mixing, which can take half the night on its own.

Then, much earlier in the evening then ever before, I sat down at the kitchen table and doodled.  Instantly, I was back in Mrs. Nutt’s high school social studies class – or Spanish class – I always messed around in Spanish class, making random loops with my pen in the margins of the notebook.  So here we are again, however many years later, letting go in the midst of “deadlines.” 

 As these pictures demonstrate, I’m kind of partial to the ice cream cones.  (:


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10 responses to “Doodle cookies

  1. These do say fun! I love that you took the time to play with your food and the results are great!

  2. Dad and Mom

    These cookies just make me happy!

  3. I love just seeing what I can come up with at the spur of the moment too. Some of the best ideas come when I hand all the tools over to my ten year old to see what does. No one can do monsters in royal icing like a ten year old boy!

    • I totally get that, Lizy. My five year old daughter draws these cute little bugs all the time. She’s played with the frosting for cookies and I’ve thought about copying her designs for future spring projects!

  4. Such a great idea – beautiful, simple cookies!

  5. Amy S

    I heart April! 🙂

  6. crustabakes

    Random or not, these cookies are gorgeous as your cookies always are. The colours are also so bright and vibrant. I guess there is no need to spend that night tinkering on colour palette after all!

  7. Nina

    Wow, these are stunning! Truly works of art…love love love the colors you used. And your mom and dad’s comment 🙂 xo

  8. I love the long strokes and the dots together on these. It is very whimsical.

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