Sugar loaded cupcake cookies


These things have it all.  Layers of royal icing to capture all the details, sprinkles and a cherry on top.  What’s not to love?  (Except the sugar induced seizure that may result from a single bite).

I made a ton of these for party favors.

They went fast, thank goodness, otherwise I’d still be munching on three layers of confectioner’s sugar.

Here they are, all in a row:

And their entourage.  The big stars need a little support, don’t you think?

But then again, maybe they can support themselves.


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11 responses to “Sugar loaded cupcake cookies

  1. crustabakes

    omg. these are super adorable!! I dont think i would have trouble with them being around the house, they are simply too pretty to eat!

  2. Dad and Mom


  3. Jeanette

    My actual cupcakes don’t look this yummy. *sigh*

  4. eliseraimi

    so beautiful – I especially like the red cherry contrasted with the purple.

  5. So adorable! They really look like cupcakes! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness! Those are so adorable!

  7. Meggan

    These are gorgeous!

  8. These are so adorable and pretty, and fancy and so beautifully done, and….well, you get my point, I love them!

  9. I LOVE THESE!!! They are so pretty! You are very talented.

  10. These are really stellar!! Wow! Great job!!

  11. Oh my.. so cute. I also love the pick cupcakes. I may try your butterfly wings- so good.



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