But the party don’t stop, no (butterfly mini cupcakes)

Channeling Kesha’s TiK ToK, “the party don’t stop, no,” we are still infatuated with hot pink and butterflies over here….  Linnea’s birthday party with friends was delayed a week to accommodate spring break.

There were no complaints from me because it afforded opportunity to further explore the butterfly theme.  I settled on  mini cupcakes with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and pink-tinted (and strawberry flavored) white chocolate butterfly toppers.  They were dainty and delightful, and our little princess was pleased as punch.

I started with mounds of pink batter, loaded with butter.

Twenty minutes later, these mini cakes deigned us with their sweet, pink crust.

Margin Notes: The night before party time, I melted pink candy disks in the microwave and piped “butterfly halves” on parchment paper.  Racing against ever hardening chocolate,  after completing one row and before beginning the next, I quickly sprinkled white nonpareils and pink sanding sugar (I preferred the nonpareils) over the wings.

Just beyond mid-way through, the chocolate hardened too much for piping.  I took the metal tip off the piping bag, put the bag (top and bottom up) in a bowl,  and popped the whole thing in the microwave for 25 seconds for re-melting.  It was all easier than I ever expected!

The next morning, cupcakes were frosted and butterflies assembled, resulting in a bevy of bright, bitty butterflies.


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11 responses to “But the party don’t stop, no (butterfly mini cupcakes)

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh soooooo pretty…the cupcakes too!

  2. Amy S

    Yeah, I had to stop myself from eating the entire table. Nice work!

  3. eliseraimi

    All you blog readers can see that they are beautiful but I was lucky enough to TASTE them – delicious, and stunning. And the party favor cookies…. there had better be a post on those coming soon because they are awesome. Thanks K!

  4. Wow super pretty little cakes! There is soo much pink, I love pink.

  5. OMG! These are STUNNING!! Wow…beautifully done. My niece will go nuts over these…don’t know which she will love more–the pink color or the butterflys! Wonderful post.

  6. Vanilla Bean Baker

    Adorable, both the little girl and the cupcakes!

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