Pinks’ revenge (butterfly cookie battle)

You know the back story, so I’ll make this short and sweet.  In the pink pavilion, we have the following contenders:

Because I’m still partial to the purps, I like the group shots the best, but maybe that’s just because working together can work.  That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.  (:


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8 responses to “Pinks’ revenge (butterfly cookie battle)

  1. I would go for the one with the tiny polka dots. Very cute.

  2. Amy S

    I would eat all of them.

  3. They remind me of spring:)

  4. crustabakes

    These are almost too cute to eat! almost!

  5. Laura

    My stomach is all aflutter
    I wish I could flit to Spokane, alight at your kitchen door and taste one of those beautiful Lepidopteras.

    Your dads brother

  6. Vanilla Bean Baker

    Love all your butterflies!

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