Purps take it all (butterfly cookie battle)

Butterflies in all forms flew in for the recent birthday party at our house.  Along with the cake, I spent some late night hours decorating butterfly cookies, the first batch from a new collection of cutters.

My daughter only wanted lavender and pink.  I threw in green for accent.  Mainly because I sometimes confuse these cookies with coordinating throw pillows.  They’re for eating already, my husband tells me.

Anyway, the platter quickly revealed two camps – the purps and the pinks.  Everyone has an opinion.  I do too.  Perhaps this post reveals it:

And then there’s the one I fondly call – “Big Bertha” – inspired by a big butterfly cookie in Peggy Porschen’s book, Pretty Party Cakes.  It was hard to let her go, munched with vigor by a three-year old.

No worries if you fancy yourself a Pinkalicious person.  There’s still a little space in my heart – and on this blog – for a few rosy wings.


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8 responses to “Purps take it all (butterfly cookie battle)

  1. Dad and Mom

    What Fun! I like the clear sparkles – hadn’t seen those before.

  2. Those are so cute! I just got a bunch of spring cookie cutters and can’t wait to use them.

  3. Amy S

    Do you sleep!? Seriously! 🙂

  4. These butterfly cookies are stunning! My niece would go bonkers over these. You have some serious baking talent. I love your blog!

  5. Thanks so much, Nina. I love your blog too! – Kristina

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