All aflutter over butterfly birthday cake

My eldest child, Linnea, turns the big 0-5 tomorrow.  We celebrated with a family party last night.

Linnea initially wanted a unicorn cake but thankfully (and with only minor prompting from me), settled on a butterfly theme.  Also, she wanted white cake with strawberries and lots of pink.   What is she, like 5?

I was looking for a “nontraditional” butterfly shape and zeroed in on a butterfly featured on a poster for the release of Bambi on DVD on display at the grocery store.  Since I am only mildly competent at operating my cell phone, I couldn’t take a picture and was lucky enough to find a similar image on a free coloring page online.

When I design a kid’s cake, I bake the cake in a 13×13 square pan, freeze it and then create a pattern on newspaper.  From there, I trace and cut the pattern onto parchment paper, place the pattern on the still frozen cake, and cut the cake into the desired shape.

As for strawberries, I worried about the streaks and general mess fresh fruit can make tucked inside a cake.  So I made two batches of the swiss meringue butter cream frosting featured in Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, my all time favorite frosting recipe, and folded in a jar of pureed strawberry jam.  This addition made all the difference, particularly because it was bright, homemade freezer jam.  The last in the batch, come to think of it.

The cake was light and delightful, with just a hint of strawberries.  We served it with fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream, just to make sure everybody knew that the party was built on an understated theme.  (:


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14 responses to “All aflutter over butterfly birthday cake

  1. Amy S

    I can’t stop saying it. You’re amazing! Your kids are lucky (as are mine for knowing you!)

  2. Dad and Mom

    Nea must have been so pleased. As well as beaufiful it looks yummy!

  3. So pretty! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Laura

    I wish I could have attended this wonderful 5th birthday party for Linnea! The cake is beautiful and sounds absolutely delicious! You keep impressing me, Kristina!

  5. crustabakes

    Thats one very pretty cake. And all from a free colouring page online! i am impressed. Linnea must be thrilled. Happy birthday to her!

  6. Jeanette

    YUM!! Happy birthday baby girl!!! Also, photo-taking with the fancy new phone will change your life. Just saying.


  7. Jen

    Happy Birthday Linnea! Cannot believe she is 5. We were at Proto’s the other day (with two children of our own), reminiscing about the night that Linnea was announced. Love you!

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  9. You have got talent! I can’t help but comment! Beautiful cake and looks delish! How can you top for next year?!

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