Don’t cha wish your muffin tops were hot like these, don’t cha? (raspberry muffins)

The other day, while shopping at a major discount store for groceries, my 3-year-old son threw a colossal tantrum when I refused to buy a tub-o-mini-muffins.  After some discussion that involved me asking whether he really knew his mother at all, we decided that muffin making might do us both good.  I let him pick the flavor.

While I believe the discount tub was poppy-seed, he chose raspberry, my favorite fruit.  I can’t argue with a boy who (eventually) aims to please.

I selected a sour cream recipe, the moisturizer of the baking world.  This one is simple and paddle free. It just involves a lot of whisking followed by gentle folding.  Sort of like the laundry.

Pesky 19 mo. old sister

Getting into a groove

Here are some pics of the process. The kids don’t always find it as relaxing as me.  They’ll learn.  It’s in the genes.

Margin Notes: My out of the recipe box moment with these muffins was the topping.  My paternal grandparents were Swedish and cardamom is a common Swedish baking spice.  At Thanksgiving, I make a lovely fresh cranberry sauce with cardamom, orange and maple syrup.  Inspired by that sauce, for these muffins, I started with a standard blueberry-type recipe and substituted frozen raspberries.

When the muffins were done and cooled, I dipped the tops in an orange glaze made with freshly ground cardamom, sugar and clementine zest (I thought it might be milder than orange zest).  Immediately after glaze dipping, the muffins were dipped in a dry mixture of sugar and clementine zest.  YUM!

One final note:  When removing the muffins from the pan, I noticed some of the larger muffins didn’t brown as much as I’d like on the bottom.  I turned them upside down on a metal cooling rack and placed the muffins and the rack back in a 350 degree oven for another 3 minutes or so.  Viola! Perfectly browned muffins on all sides.


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18 responses to “Don’t cha wish your muffin tops were hot like these, don’t cha? (raspberry muffins)

  1. Laura

    You are amazing Kristina! Love the muffin blog, and your sentiments about the Swedish cardamom. They sound delicious. I have some recipes you might want to try. I’ll send some to you. Keep baking and keep posting. It is so much fun to read.

  2. Can I live in your basement? I’d only come up to eat and babysit?

  3. Dad and Mom

    Wish I had your company and one (or several) of your muffins to go my coffee this morning! Gotta say, that Nora Beth makes me chuckle!

  4. Valerie

    I love this website, Kristina and I am going to pass it onto my “chef” son.

  5. Absolutely adore the name of your blog. These muffins sound fantastic and I am truly having a love affair with cardamom at the moment so the glaze is 100% YUMMY to me! Super ingenious addition! 🙂

  6. Amy S

    Look at you go! Keep it up, girlfriend!

  7. You win the award for ‘best post title ever!!!!’
    Great photos too!

  8. I’m loving that title as well! I’ll be humming that tune for a while now 😉 Your kiddos are absolutely adorable by the way!

  9. Kelsie

    K! Loved the muffins!! tasted great! its the perks to coming to your place every Wednesday 🙂 Keep it coming.. not like I have to fit into a wedding dress anytime soon. 🙂 and the cardamom was the perfect amount! I’m a big fan of it..

  10. Kristina, I just discovered your blog when I did a search on “paddle attachment.” I love your description of sour cream as the moisturizer of the baking world. So true. It’s the key to my pie crust. I’m obsessed with baking also and am currently writing a cookbook (but it also has savory dishes, because variety is the spice of life!) I look forward to being one of your readers. Cheers,
    Becky Wolsk
    and on twitter @GoalsGamified

    • Becky – Thanks so much for your comment! I’ve never tried sour cream in pie crust, so I appreciate your tip. My pie crusts still need a lot of improvement! I can’t wait to check out your blog. Good luck with your cookbook!

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