Diner coffee cup cookies

We recently spent a four-day weekend in Seattle and spent some of the time with friends, a lot of the time drinking coffee (not really a break from reality), and some in Seattle’s  Chinatown.

While roaming the streets of Chinatown for the pork buns of my husband’s dreams, I took this picture of a little cafe, mostly because I liked the simple shapes of the illuminated signs.  It says, “we sell coffee and cake.”  Heaven is a lot closer than you think.

When determining how to thank the friends who fed us dinner and those that put our family of five up for the night, I kept returning to that “diner” coffee cup.

Chicken scratch

Naked little cookies, waiting for hair and makeup

After sketching out a few ideas, some coffee cup cookies and their friends were born.

For those of you still reading after my first post on Wednesday, all I can say is WOW and thank you.  Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, I’ve been walking on air the past couple of days!  And thanks especially to Mom and Dad for spreading the word.  You always have my back, even in the blog world!


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22 responses to “Diner coffee cup cookies

  1. Kelsie

    K! Love the cookies! Keep them coming.. Your piping is beautiful! and such a cute idea! I can’t wait to do the baby shower cookies! hopefully they look as great as your cookies!


  2. These are so cute! Welcome to food blogging! I started my food blog just last fall. Thanks for sharing your recipes. 🙂

  3. Jeanette

    Dude. I am frantically trying to come up with something I can do for you so I can get a care package of your cookie amazingness. Like, I don’t know, call you back??? XOXO

    • No worries, my dear. You’ve already earned a boat load of cookie care packages from me. Any theme requests? Let me guess, you’ll have me trying to draw a skull in frosting…. (:

      • Jen

        Yeah, How do I get in on the cookie care package??? I guess this is what you do while Chris plays Starcraft? Seriously, where do you find time in your day to make these amazing creations?

  4. These are amazing! I would love to be able to do this some day 🙂
    What kind of cookie/icing do use for these decorated cookies?

  5. Laura

    Wow Kristina! Those coffee cup cookies are so great! You know you can market these, don’t you? Keep taking photos of everything you bake.
    Come visit us! You can stay at our house anytime. We’ll feed you, house you and keep you company. Then can you make some cookies for us, too???

  6. crustabakes

    THese are too cute for words!You sure have some cookie decorating skills there!

  7. Amy S

    Amazing! Love the blog, keep up the good work!

  8. Becky

    I’m in awe, friend. Cookies that are ridiculously delicious AND seriously beautiful? Sign me up!! Can’t wait to see future blog posts and shamelessly copy your recipes! 🙂

  9. I love these! I love the wet on wet technique! ♥-K

  10. You are so creative…love the blog! I just started my own food blog and will definitely be getting some inspiration from you!

  11. Your dots and outlining are amazing! I would love to learn from you someday!

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